This is only meant for those who are tired paying more than they need to

If that’s not you, I’ll save you the time – you can close this window.

Otherwise, let’s get started. I too was tired of being taken advantage of by the banks. I’m sure you agree that we both work hard to create a future we’re excited about.

And then you have your banks coming in charging you fees to simply leave money with them. You have stores charging you a huge premium in order to buy from them. You have credit cards that give you inexistent rewards for using them. And none of these companies would bat an eyelash if somehow you were slightly late in paying them.

I got tired of it.

Which is why I’ve spent the last year looking for the best companies to do business with. These guys don’t charge fees – instead, they actually reward us for leaving money with them.

They help us get more money back from the stores we shop at.

They will actually give us actual cash back when we use their credit cards.

And some of them will even pay us for signing up to their free services.

So let’s take a stand and show them whose business we want to support.

6 steps to get over $500 in bonuses and save $1000s a year

1. Shopping online

Sign up for Ebates and Great Canadian Rebates. These two companies will give you 1% – 15% cash back for shopping online at your usual retailers. Plus the combined sign up bonus is $7.50.

2. Savings account

Sign up for EQ Bank. EQ Bank is a high interest savings account that will pay you 2.30% (the highest in all of Canada!) for leaving your money inside. Best part is: it’s completely free to open. No account fees. No minimums. And no closing fees. You can learn more here.

3. Chequing account

Sign up for Tangerine chequing and savings account. Tangerine also charges no fees and no minimums. Their chequing account will actually pay you 0.15%. Also, if you follow these steps, you can get up to $239 for signing up.

4. Credit cards

Sign up for credit cards that actually give you good bonuses. Ratesupermarket compares all the best credit cards so you can find the ones perfect for you. In fact, if you sign up for certain cards through them, they’ll even give you up to $100.

I personally use MBNA and Tangerine’s credit card to get me 2% cash back on gas, groceries, entertainment, recurring bills and restaurants.

5. Credit score

Sign up for Borrowell and Credit Karma to get your credit score for free. Your credit score is super important if you don’t want to be screwed over in the future when you need to take out a loan. Read this if you want to learn how to build up your credit score.

6. Investing

Lastly, we need to stop paying outrageous fees for investing in our future. Sign up for Questrade to buy stocks and ETFs cheap. They are far cheaper than the banks. Plus they will allow you to open, maintain and close RRSP and TFSA accounts for free. Oh, and they’ll give you up to $250 for opening an account.

If you’re not comfortable with investing yourself and you currently use an investment advisor, use Wealth Simple. They charge you far less than what you’re paying your investment advisor (see graph below for the difference). And if you sign up, they’ll manage up to $15,000 free for the first year.

There you have it. $1000+ in savings in 6 simple steps.

Now that you’ve read up to here, are you going to go back to facebook, and accept giving this money to your bank? Or will you take a stand and take the money?

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