Our mission is
to help you live a richer life

We know you have aspirations for life. You have things you want to do, places you want to see, causes you want to support.

We also know that it becomes really hard to do any of that if without your finances intact.

Which is why this site’s sole purpose is to help you get your finances to fuel your aspirations. Not cause you frustrations.

We don’t believe
in cutting out your lattes

What’s life if you’re having to sacrifice the little moments that make your day?

Instead, of going after every little dollar, we believe in the Pareto Principal – that 80% of your cash outflow can be traced to 20% of your expenses.

So let’s focus on optimizing what actually makes a difference.

Supporting us means
supporting your community

Did you know that many blogs you visit get paid when you sign up for a recommendation that they make? It’s called affiliate sales and it’s no different here.

The big difference between us and them is that a big chunk of money that we make through these affiliate programs goes back to the community. We can’t go into the details yet (still working out the details), but know that when you do sign up for anything through us, you are the one supporting your community. And with that, we thank you in advance.

Oh, just in case you’re wondering, the money they give us does not come from you. It comes directly from the company. Think about it this way, instead of spending millions on TV and billboard ads to get you as a client, these companies would rather use that money to create an affiliate program.

We have your
best interest at heart

We know we will not be able to help in every aspect, so we will promote other blogs to make sure you get the best advice possible. For example, we will never talk about investment strategies – Dan at Canadian Couch Potato is much better at that.

However, when we do write about a certain topic, we believe it to be complete.

Oh, and we will never suggest something that does not have your best interest at heart.

If only financial advisors can say that…