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Shedding light on what’s possible

Living in the dark is like leaving hundreds of dollars on the table. So we’re here to help shed some light on how you can keep more money – and it’s through a cashback website called Ebates.

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Here’s a preview of some of the stores they have partnered up with to give you cash back for shopping online:

Plus, they’ll even give you $5 for signing up!

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Oh, and they also have a iOS app so you can now shop on your phone and know you’ll be getting extra cash back.

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Here’s what I’ve gotten from them so far:

ebates cash back

Why does this exist?

How is ebates able to give you all this money when you’re not paying more for the clothes or any account fees? It’s because the companies rather give ebates money everytime you shop through them to them as opposed to spending more money marketing. Ebates then turns around and gives you some of your money back. Isn’t it neat? It’s like getting paid to shop. Just don’t end up spending more than you normally would… otherwise we’re going to feel bad.

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How to sign up

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Who are you anyway?

Glad you asked! We’re fellow Canadians who believe that your finances should support your aspirations, not cause you frustrations. So we go around promoting ways to get the most out of your hard earned cash. In fact, there is a whole page on how you can be saving 1000s a year with similar tricks like ebates.

Or you can learn more about us!

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