Personal finance around Canada – May 2017

It’s not fair to you that you only hear about what we at CHB think when it comes to personal finance so we are going to do a monthly personal finance round up. Each month, we will ask all the other personal finance bloggers and thought leaders for their best piece for that month and share it with you here (they have to agree to provide us with a piece).

That said, we are not endorsing or, in some cases, might not completely agree with the piece. However, we want to make sure you are exposed to as many different perspectives as possible.

This is also the first time we’re doing it, so please leave us a comment as to what you think about this!

Canadian Finance Blog

What Is the CPP Death Benefit and Who Should Apply?
The death of a loved one is a difficult time to have to think about money. Before someone close to you passes away, it’s helpful to understand the eligibility requirements to receive the CPP death benefit.

Canadian Personal Finance Blog

Disability Tax Credit: Please Do It Yourself
Continually disabled Canadians or their families are having their Disability Tax Credit payment “shaved” by firms that offered to help them get their Disability Tax Certificate. It is not that hard, and you can do it yourself (and should).

Cut Home Bills

The Ultimate Guide to Credit Scores in Canada
Have you ever wondered what affects your credit score, or what you can do to improve your credit score? This ultimate guide will go over all that, as well as show you how to get free credit scores and reports. All your questions will be answered. Guaranteed.

Ed Rempel

How to Reliably Maximize Your Retirement Income – Is the “4% Rule” Safe?
You want to retire soon. What is the best way to setup your retirement income to give you the maximum income that will reliably last the rest of your life?

Family Money Plan

Watch Out for Gateway Expenses
Have you ever bought something thinking it’s the end of the purchase, only to realize that you have opened a floodway of other expenses. Those, my friend, are what we call Gateway Expenses.

Free to Pursue

All Decked Out
In this age of outsourcing, it’s easy to forget how good it feels to figure things out by tackling DIY projects and it’s good for the wallet too, which makes it even better. Here’s to increasing our competence, one project at a time.

Half Banked

You Don’t Need to Buy a House
You don’t actually need to buy a house. (Coming from someone who actually did buy.)

Holy Potato

Decisions Under Uncertainty and the HCG Example
We have to make decisions in the face of uncertainty and conflicting pieces of evidence and expert opinions. What new evidence would make you change your mind on a decision? The Home Capital Group saga provided an interesting example of a little tidbit of evidence that likely should have increased the credence you gave the short sellers…

Mixed up money

Cheat Days, But Like, For Money
It sounds totally ridiculous. A cheat day where you can buy anything you want and where you don’t restrict yourself.

Penniless Prairie Girl

Credit Scores. What Is It & Why Should You Care?
Your credit score has the ability to affect many major financial decisions in your life. Your credit score is essentially your financial grade. Do you know what your grade is and why it matters? Keep reading to find out more!


Canada Learning Bond is a Powerful Opportunity to Make a Difference For Familes
Although not a blog, this is something I believe anyone with children should be aware of. Here’s what they SmartSaver says about the program:
The CLB is a federal education savings grant of up to $2,000 per eligible child. It provides a kick start for families to begin saving for their children’s post secondary education. Those savings in turn have tremendous value. They help motivate students to work harder and do better in school and plan for the future to achieve their dreams.

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